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Understanding Glass Etching

Pre-Cut Glass Etching Stencils
Stencil Packs

If there is a part of glass etching that can be called "tedious", it is blowing up designs to the right size, then tracing the design on the resist and hand cutting every line in a complex design.

Just imagine . . .
. . . being able to do your glass etching without the drudgery of enlarging, tracing and cutting all your designs by hand. Well now you can! We can now provide you with pre-cut stencils of the patterns in our books plus much more. (We can also teach you how to use these stencils with our new videos - see below!)

More than just glass etching patterns
Now you can do beautiful, highly complex etchings one time or a hundred times without having to lift a stencil knife to cut a line. Lettering and precise geometric designs are a breeze! Our designs are all copyrighted, of course, but copyright use permisson comes with each stencil! Hundreds of designs and design combinations are available.

Get the system!
These stencils provide a system of etching and carving on glass but also on wood, stone, ceramic or metal. These stencils are even good for painting and airbrushing. To assure yourself of getting a continuous supply of new designs, plus discounts off your stencil orders, you can even subscribe to our design system! (see below, or Design Book 1, Volume 1 page for details)

Over 1000 stencil designs are presented in our Design System!

Surface etching designs

If you are etching glass now, you know that surface etching designs are block designs (rather than line drawings), where the black areas are to be etched and the white areas are to be left clear (called a positive etch). If the black areas are left clear and the white areas are etched, the etching is called a negative or reverse etch.

The design system features hundreds of surface etching designs which we can pre-cut for you in almost any size. In addition, you can create your own designs from elements of these designs.

Multi-stage etching designs

Designs for multi-stage carving or shading are line drawings rather than block designs. (For more information on glass etching techniques, see our books and instructional videos.) We have hundreds of these designs in the design system, too.

Available pre-cut to whatever size you need, these designs can make your glass etching easy and fast, with outstanding results. You can create your own designs from design elements in our books, or we can even pre-cut your own designs!


Get the system!

These stencils provide a system of designs for etching and carving on glass but also on wood, stone, ceramic or metal. These stencils are even good for painting and airbrushing. Our subscription service to get discounts on stencils and periodic releases of new designs. Make your own unique designs by simply copying pages with elements you like, cut them out and arrange them into your own design. Then fax or email us the arrangement and we will quote you a price to produce the stencil. Simple, fast and easy!

LEARN HOW TO USE PRE-CUT STENCILS WITH OUR DVD'S! These videos can dramatically reduce your learning curve and give you lots of new ideas for etched projects. Click on this link Videos for more info.


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• The EtchMaster(R) Design System • Tile & Stone Stencil Sets
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Glass Etching Designs & Stencils
Code Name Image Price  
200219 Design System 12 Month Subscription $150.00
1-00-01 Marine Life Pre-Cut Stencil Pack (6 stencils) $50.00
1-00-02 Animals Pre-Cut Stencil Pack (6 stencils) $50.00
1-00-03 Plants Pre-Cut Stencil Pack (6 stencils) $50.00
1-00-04 Birds Pre-Cut Stencil Pack (6 stencils) $50.00
1-00-05 Miscellaneous Pre-Cut Stencil Pack (6 stencils) $50.00
1-00-06A Multi-stage Carving Stencil Pack $50.00
1-00-07 Surface Etching Pre-cut Stencil Pack $50.00
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