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Video#3: Multi-Stage Shading
    Video#3: Multi-Stage Shading
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      Video#3: Multi-Stage Shading

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    Video #3: Multi-stage Shading

    The shading technique of glass etching is the most ususual, producting effects that look very much llike airbrushing, except that they are permanently etched into the glass. Few glass etchers know anything about this technique. Of those who do, even less really understand and can successfully practice this striking technique. It is not well known, very little reference material is written about it, and it is the technique least forgiving of mistakes. Because this is a multi-stage technique, the elements of a design can touch each other, so designs can be much more sophisticated than with surface etching. With the shading technique, the distinctions between elements are created by manipulating the shades of gray between two elements that touch. Although the shading technique is the most challenging to learn, it is faster than the carving technique in creating a finished piece. Four full size patterns for projects presented on the tape are included, so you can follow along with the tape to quickly learn to carve your own projects. Pre-cut stencils of all designs are available on a variety of resists.

    Important note: Almost nothing is written on this technique, except the information in our brand new book, Etched Glass:Techniques & Designs, which includes information on surface etching and carving as well. Our Design Book 1 has hundreds of designs for shading, carving and surface etching.

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