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Understanding Glass Etching

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Glass Etching - Surface Techniques and Designs
Glass Etching - Surface Techniques and Designs
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    Code: 200201
    Price: $27.95
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    This book thoroughly explains the surface etching technique on glass and how to get started yourself. It starts out by explaining what abrasive (sandblast) etching is all about and how it is done. Then, design for glass etching is explained as well as the materials required for successful etching. Preparation of the glass for etching and the actual etching process is covered next, along with comments on finishing the etching. Suggestions for etched projects are made in the following chapter, then there is an explanation of the equipment required and safety procedures.

    This book is a great place to start learning about etching. However, many people who already know surface etching techniques get this book just for its selection of patterns!

    After the instructional portion, there is a design section of over 100 patterns for surface etched designs. There are over 30 photos of finished projects in full color, ranging from small gift items to full sized glass door panels.

    This is THE book you need to start abrasive glass etching. But experienced glass etchers buy this book too - just for the patterns!

    All patterns in this book are available as pre-cut stencils from our stencil department. So, if you don't want to hand cut a dragon with 300 scales or an egret with 200 feathers, let us do it for you! And if you get pre-cut stencils of these designs from us, you get permission to resell the etching commercially. (Otherwise, you may use the designs for personal projects, but commercial use requires special permission and payment of a royalty.)

    Don't miss this new, revised book - order now!

    Over 15,000 copies of our original surface etching book have been sold! Look what we have done to improve this new revised edition:

    • 14 new designs (103 designs total)
    • 30% more information on techniques
    • All information on equipment and materials updated
    • New and better demo photos
    • Examples of types of products you can etch
    • New spiral binding means you can lay the book flat without breaking the spine

    What is covered in the book:

    SECTION 1- Techniques for Surface Etching

    Chapter 1: Understanding glass etching
    Why glass etching? What is glass etching?

    Chapter 2: The design and the Glass
    Preparing the design, Selecting the glass, Cleaning the glass

    Chapter 3: Preparation for etching
    Choosing a resist, Applying the resist, Transforming the design, Cutting the design

    Chapter 4: The sandblasting process
    Preparing to sandblast, The blasting process, Checking for quality, Finishing up

    Chapter 5: Improvements in the etching process
    Pre-cut resists, Photo resists

    Chapter 6: Now what can you make?
    Home decorating, Gifts, Stained glass windows, Wood accessories, Signs, Commercial uses, Art glass

    SECTION 2: Glass Etching Equipment and Safety Procedures

    Chapter 7: Compressors
    Electrical requirements, Air output, The air tank, Gasoline compressors

    Chapter 8: Sandblasters and abrasives
    Sandblasters, Determining air requirements, Abrasives

    Chapter 9: Blasting cabinets

    Chapter 10: Safety equipment
    Protecting your head and neck, Protection for your lungs, Protection for your ears

    Chapter 11: Conclusion

    SECTION 3 - Designs for etching
    103 glass etching designs from gifts to doors and larger!



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