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EtchMaster(R) glass etching tools make your work easier!
Magnifiers for cutting resist or for blasting

Generally used by jewelers, watch repair persons, and others who work on tiny things., these wonderful tools are being adopted by glass etchers. They are great for allowing you to see fine detail in your design so you can cut it accurately with your stencil knife. Change the lens and you can actually use them to magnify your view of blasting in your cabinet - essential for tiny elements that have to be carved just right!

You can buy one complete unit, plus several lenses of different magnifications for different jobs. Lenses are numbered, according to their strength, with the higher number being stronger. However, the lens number does not indicate the magnification power.

The lenses with the higher magnification have shorter focal lengths. So, we find that most people (depending on their native vision) use a # 4, 5 or 7 for cutting out patterns. In this case, the closer focal length is not a problem since you can get close to the glass when you are cutting. When you are blasting, you need more distance from your eyes to the surface of the glass, since the glass is in the cabinet while you are blasting. Depending on your exact setup, we recommend using a #2 or a #3 for blasting.

We have included a chart below that gives you the lens number, the focal length and the magnification, to help you make a decision!


  • Lens can be raised and lowered without having to remove the whole visor from your head.
  • Adjustable headband - fits any size head.
  • Snap-fit lens changing system lets you use one visor with many different lenses, or replace a scratched lens, without tools
  • Can be used for close work like stencil cutting and peeling or for work farther from your eyes, like blasting in a cabinet, with different lenses.

Just think, with one of these special magnifiers, your etchings will not only improve, but you will be able to thread needles, replace the screw in the hinge of your glasses, and READ THE FINE PRINT, which you haven't been able to do since you were 20! Get one now!

Our students find the magnifier a great help when peeling finely detailed photo resist for multi-stage blasting. It's also indespensible for cutting fine details from your resist or blasting those details!

Lens Number
Focal Length
1 1/2 x
20 inches
1 3/4 x
14 inches
2 x
10 inches
2 1/2
8 inches
2 3/4
6 inches
Remember - the quality of your etchings will never be better than the cutting on your resist!
Nerd Warning: Don't be disturbed if your children or spouse think you look like a nerd with one of these visors on - just don't look in the mirror! (Fortunately the visor comes off when you are finished- but the etching lives forever!)
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