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Starter Kit for Etching Architectural Glass
    Starter Kit for Etching Architectural Glass
    Purchase Starter Kit for Etching Architectural Glass
    • SKU: STK_AG_02
      Starter Kit for Etching Architectural Glass

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    Starter kit #2: Complete package for etching architectural glass

     If your main interest is in etching glass that is used in windows, doors, tabletops, cabinets, fireplace screens, room dividers and the like, this is your starter package!

    We have designed this kit so you can be successful from the start.
    We have included our complete design system in hard cover and CD-Rom format(so you won't have problems finding designs to etch), a one year subscription to our design system, one roll each of the two most popular types of resist, 2 instructional glass etching DVD's, knife and squeegee, pre-cut stencils glass and a lighted base to get started with!

    With this kit you DON'T have to worry about selecting artwork, you DON'T have to learn how to enlarge and trace your patterns, and you DON'T have to learn how to be an expert with a stencil knife. All you have to do to etch your first piece of glass is apply one of the pre-cut stencils to one of the beautiful pieces of crystal clear glass, peel out the areas you want to etch and blast! (You don't even have to go out to buy glass, we provide it!)

    Here is the whole list:


    This is a very small part of the architectural starter kit. See the description below for actual contents.


    •  1 year subscription to our Design System
    • Design Complete Design Collection in hard cover and CD-Rom format
    • 10 yards of 24 inch wide self adhesive 6 mil vinyl blasting resist
    • 10 yards of 25 inch wide self adhesive 20 mil carving resist
    • 1 pack of 4 squeegees
    • 1 stencil knife
    • 5 pcs. 8"x 10" pre-cut stencils, so you can get right to work
    • 10 pieces of 8"x 10" crystal clear polished edge glass
    • 1 DVD #1 - "Surface Etching Techniques"
    • 1 DVD #6: "How to Use Pre-cut Stencils to Etch Large Glass"
    • 1 10" Genesis Lighted Base: "
      The price of all these items if purchased separately is $707.40.