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Etching Kit #2
Wood box with etched glass top


Etched Boxes

Give a gift that shows you care – a gift of etched glass . . .
one that you made yourself.
Golden Oak Brown Finish wood box with 6” x 9” opening for beveled glass or mirror. Etch it yourself with our design or yours!
These boxes are great as women’s or men’s gifts – for jewelry, photographs, pencils and pens, business cards, even cigars!

Wood box kit
1 beautifully finished wood box
1 piece 6” x 9” beveled glass or beveled mirror (your choice)
1 pre-cut stencil (choice of design below)

Etching Kit #2 patterns

Choose what type of glass you want. Either type has a 1/2" wide bevel:

  • 3/16" beveled clear glass
  • 1/4" beveled mirror

Choose which pattern you want:

  • Lilies
  • Golfer
  • Bass
  • Victorian #1
  • Floral
  • Victorian #2
Wood Box with Etched Glass Top (Kit #2)
    Wood Box with Etched Glass Top (Kit #2)
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      Wood Box with Etched Glass Top (Kit #2)

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