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Finally! A way to:

  • Get lower prices on select items, not shown to the general public!
  • Get special offers, only available to insiders!
  • Get first chance to purchase new products or products with limited supply
  • Get first chance to sign up for new classes, before they fill up

How?? Join our Preferred Customer program!

Just click on the "Create New Account" link above and fill out the information in the form. When you join you become a Preferred Customer, with special privileges, even BEFORE you purchase anything! By joining, you are telling us that you are interested in glass etching or that you are already etching glass. You agree to give us the opportunity to keep in touch with you by email and regular mail. (Note: We generally send out 2-3 emails per month with special offers, new classes, general news, etc. We may send 1-2 regular mail offers per year.) By giving us this opportunity to keep in touch with you, you will receive many benefits and it will cost you nothing. We require no sensitive information like credit card numbers to sign up and you can send us an email asking us to remove your name from the program at any time. In addition, we do not share any of your information with any other business without your express permission. You can't lose!

VERY IMPORTANT! Be sure to add us to your address book and/or spam blocker white list. If our email to you is returned, we will have to remove you from the preferred customer list. If you can, configure these programs to accept mail from any address at the @etchmaster.com domain. If you have to be specific, add normd@etchmaster.com , office@etchmaster.com , pam@etchmaster.com , and store@etchmaster.com . You can change your registration information at any time by logging in first, then click "My Account" on the top navigation bar. If your email address changes, be sure you login and change it on your account form. Otherwise, you may be dropped from the Preferred Customer program. In addition, if you forget your password, the website will email it to you in a few seconds (if you type in your login name on the login screen, then click on "Please email me my password") IF your email address is correct on the account form! Since the information you provide is not sensitive, be sure to pick an easy-to-remember login name (like your own first and last name) and password, write them down and keep them where you can find them!

Look at some of the benefits of joining:

  • You automatically qualify for special sales and special pricing on selected items, as available. These sales and special pricing may not be available to the general public at all. (24-48 hours after opening your account, you will automatically see lower prices*** on select items whenever you log in!)
  • You get faster and easier ordering! When you order products from our secure store, your address and shipping information will already be filled in on the form! Just think of the time saving when you return to order in the future . . . and your lower prices will automatically be entered on your order form, too!
  • You will have access to advance announcements of new products and services before anyone else.
  • Receive discount offers on selected glass etching classes.

Don't delay! It takes less than 2 minutes to fill out the form. Do it now, or you will be missing something special tomorrow!

PLEASE NOTE: This great program has been going on now for almost a year. We regularly have special eMail offers for PC's, and we have many items in the store that are discounted to members (Glass Etching Blanks, Pre-cut Stencil Kits and more). Come back to the site often because we are expanding this program regularly.

***PS: It will take 24 to 48 hours for the site to add you to the PC list. After you are added, you will automatically see lower prices for products where they apply. The regular price will be shown crossed out, and the lower price will be shown next to it. To confirm this, just go to the site and log in. Cick on "Stencils" on the left nav bar, then click on "Stencil Packs". Note that the regular price shown for the stencil packs is $51 and it is crossed out. Next to the crossed out price is the Preferred Customer price of $48.45, a savings of $2.55 per pack! You will also see lower prices on all Glass Blanks, Lighted Bases, EtchMaster(R) products such as our new embroidered shirts and aprons, and others!

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