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Understanding Glass Etching

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Glass Blanks >Rectangles


In the picture above, the etched rectangular awards are affixed to glass bases. (For suggestions on how to select the right piece of glass for a base, see instructions below.) We also have an extensive selection of EdgeLite (TM) bases that provide the striking effects of hidden, recessed lighting of the etched design from below.


EtchMaster® has rectangular etching blanks in crystal clear, jade and black glass with up to three different types of edge profiles. We offer these etching blanks in thicknesses of 1/4" up to 3/4". Dimensions range from as small as 2"W x 3"L to as large as 10"W x 12"L.

Important note:
The edge profile used for the upright portion of the piece is usually the "Flat edge polish" because that profile means that the piece fits flat down onto the base. The Edge #3 and Edge #4 profile are generally used as bases for the uprights, and they give a unique and elegant look to the finished piece. However, the flat edge polished pieces can also be used for bases. They are a little less expensive but are also a little more plain.

How to select glass for a base:
After selecting the size and thickness of glass for the upright piece for your award, select the base. The thickness of the base should be equal to the thickness of the upright piece or one size less . The length of the base should be 1" longer than the upright piece is wide. The width of the base is normally from 2" to 3" wide. The taller the piece, the wider the base should be to help maintain stability.

So, what can you make with our glass blanks?
These glass blanks are primarily used to create awards and corporate gifts, using photo resist for the etching mask. However, they are so striking and beautiful, there is a great opportunity to use them in creating gifts, commemorative pieces and even glass art and sculpture. Your imagination is your only limitation, so don't hold back! Now, enjoy browsing through all our selections!


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