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Etching Blanks

Glass Etching Blanks

Etching Blanks
Rectangular blanks with wood bases

Diamond Series with glass base

EtchMaster® offers Glass Etching Blanks in a variety of sizes, colors and edge profiles to meet all your etching needs. We believe these blanks are the best quality you can find anywhere in the world. We maintain stock on only the most popular of these. Sometimes we may be out of stock on an item you need, but do not worry! Any item not in stock when you order will be produced for you on a priority basis, which will normally take only 7-10 days.

This selection of thick glass rectangles, diamonds, beveled glass and mirror, and glass bases with unique edge profiles is the first of many new shapes that will be added soon. Bookmark this page and come back often to see our new shapes!

Important note: If you need other shapes before we have a chance to get them posted, please call. Chances are that the shape you want is already available. If it is, we can take the order and ship it to you asap.

How to use this section of the site:
You will move around the glass blanks selection by clicking choices on the left navigation bar. As you see, when you clicked "Glass Blanks" a menu dropped down that gives you choices of various types of etching blanks we have listed, Bevels, Rectangles, Diamonds and Glass Bases. When you click on these, you see that you have choices of several different thicknesses or styles of glass. Rectangles and Glass Bases are categorized by thickness, while the diamonds are categorized by style and then by size.

When you click on one of the thicknesses for Rectangles and Glass Bases, the next page (which may take a few seconds to load) will show a long list of different sized pieces of glass in that thickness. These are organized first by color, with Crystal Clear glass pieces listed first, then glass that has a Jade Green color to the edge. Last, you will see a selection of Black pieces, if there are any in that thickness. Within each section of the same color, the glass pieces are listed in size order.

When you click on one of the styles for Diamonds, the next page will be categorized first by size, ranging from x-small to x-large. Within these sizes, the pieces are categorized by thickness and then glass color, first listing Crystal Clear, then Jade Green, and lastly Black.

You can order the glass you want directly from this page or you can go to the order page for each separate piece of glass simply by clicking on the linked Code number for that piece. If you order from the page listing all the glass, you can only click "Add One to Basket", which will add only one of that item. This is the fastest way to add several items to your shopping basket. Then, if you want to order more than one of any or all the items, simply click on "Basket Contents" at the top of the page. You can easily change the number in the quantity column for any items on this page, then click "Update" for each changed item and the shopping cart will re-figure your totals. After you are finished ordering, click Checkout.

So, what can you make with our glass blanks?
These glass blanks were created primarily to be used to make awards and corporate gifts, using photo resist for the etching mask. However, they are so striking and beautiful, there is a great opportunity to use them in creating gifts, commemorative pieces and even glass art and sculpture. Your imagination is your only limitation, so don't hold back! Now, enjoy browsing through all our selections!