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Understanding Glass Etching

Micro Pressure Blaster


The best low cost micro pressure blaster we have seen. Allows you to write or draw directly on glass with no resist just by holding the nozzle down on the glass like a pencil. (The small stylus is just the size of a pencil.)

Dozens of uses:

  • Etch designs on glass without resist! Just place a pattern on the opposite side and trace the design with the micro blaster.
  • Add tiny details to an existing etching, like veins in a leaf or in a butterfly wing, pine needles on a pine branch, blades of grass on a hillside, etc.
  • Use the micro blaster to etch small stencil designs.
  • Freehand drawing or sketching directly on glass
  • You can use this blaster to etch your signature on your etchings, your stained glass, fused or blown glass. Will etch metal!
  • Touch up mistakes on larger etchings where you need a pinpoint etch to frost an accidental clear spot and you have already removed your resist.
  • Etch VIN numbers on auto windows
  • This tiny blaster can even be used to create miniature carved or shaded designs using standard resist procedures.

Foot pedal operated, the blaster uses 220 grit (or finer) abrasive. A .032 diameter tungsten carbide nozzle is standard. (This is about 1/32" of an inch, or half the size of the smallest nozzle available for a standard blaster.) Operates on 10-60 psi compressed air.

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Micro Pressure Blaster
Code Name Image Price  
300196 Micro Pressure Blaster $560.00
300199 Micro-Blaster Round Carbide Tip .032   $29.00
300202 Micro-Blaster Round Carbide Tip .045   $35.00
300203 Micro-Blaster Round Carbide Tip .060   $35.00
300204 Micro-Blaster Rectangular Carbide Tip .007x.125   $35.00
300102 Magnetic Base Lamp 6 1/2" Flex   $69.50
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