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Now you can use the same equipment we use in our seminars and to create our beautiful etched glass!
Glass Etching Equipment

We are pleased to announce that now you can get all your glass etching equipment from EtchMaster (R)! In the past, we have only provided equipment to those who took seminars from us, but now we are making it available to everyone. For the present, you will have to email or call us to get catalogs and pricelists, but the equipment will be available through our website very soon.

Believe it or not, you have found the source! We founded the first company in the world that manufactured abrasive blasting equipment especially for use on glass. Just about every equipment manufacturer out there today who claims to specialize in glass blasting equipment has either hired us as consultants to help them develop their equipment lines or has copied the ideas we came up with almost 30 years ago.

Be careful, before you buy
It used to be that the glass etching market was pretty small. Small enough that anyone selling into those markets was either a glass person or was a good friend of a glass person. You could trust them - their word was good. After all, if it wasn't, everybody heard about it pretty soon.

Unfortunately, it isn't like that anymore. Even though the market is still very small, it has grown a lot. Most of the newer equipment companies are from outside the decorative glass industry. Many of these Johnny-come-lately companies will give you the story of a lifetime about how good their equipment is - after all, their salespeople are paid on commission, aren't they? But you may find out too late that you have wasted a lot of money on equipment that doesn't work well on glass or just plain doesn't work well at all.

So naturally, these days you have to be careful. Not every company who says they make blasting equipment for glass really does. Many of them just make that claim, then go on selling the same equipment they have been making for blasting auto parts, gravestones, or bridges, hoping the uninformed beginner will never know the difference. Most of these companies don't even know the difference themselves!

What NOT to buy
And the last thing you want to do is buy equipment from some discount tool warehouse. This equipment costs less for a reason - it is cheap (in more ways than one)! After all, you get what you pay for - and what you get when you buy from these places is stripped down models, not well designed, made out of cheap materials, not certified for safety, not set up for etching.

From the experience of our customers, when you have corrected for all the problems you inherit, you end up paying MORE than you would have if you had just gotten the right stuff to begin with. When you get equipment from us you don't just get the best equipment, you get knowledgeable help in selecting the right equipment for your own use, AND help after you purchase. (Just imagine trying to call a discount warehouse for help when you have problems setting up the equipment, when the abrasive starts surging instead of flowing smoothly, or when you need advice about completing an etching job!)

You should hear the horror stories we get from glass etchers who purchased discount equipment! Then you would really understand why we say that assistance after you purchase is worth its weight in gold!

Let us help you decide
We are familiar with most of the equipment on the market and the equipment we now represent is the best available. It comes in many different sizes, configurations and prices, though, so you still have to be careful to get what you need. We promise that we will help to analyze your needs and that we will find the best equipment for you, even if it isn't something we sell ourselves.

These equipment pages in our site will have a complete selection of equipment soon. Until then, when you are serious about purchasing equipment, contact us by email or by phone. The best way to find out more about equipment is to sign up for our Preferred Customer program here on the site. Just click on the "My Account" button at the top or on the left side of any page in the site, fill out the basic name and address information. Then, when you want to contact us, do it after you log in, from the Contact Us link on the left navigation bar. In addition, whenever you purchase anything here on the site, all your order forms will automatically be filled out for you when you are ready to checkout, saving you a lot of time typing. And if that isn't enough, you will get advance notice of new products, seminars and general news, too! If you have any trouble signing up, be sure to read the FAQ section for quick answers and instructions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The 2533 System

With the 2533 cabinet you get the most economical unit with largest interior work space of all medium sized cabinets.

The Sit-down Cabinet

The sit-down cabinet offers anyone with physical challenges the possibility to persue this line of work.

The GlassPasser

The GlassPasser from Glastar is an excellent pass-through blasting cabinet that will allow you to etch glass of all sizes. Moveable slot openings in the side and top provide for etching of pieces of glass larger than the cabinet.