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Understanding Glass Etching

Sit-down Blasting Cabinet

A new type of cabinet that really can take a load off! This is the first commercial blast etching cabinet designed to let you sit down while etching your glass. Ideal for anyone who has long etching sessions or who dislikes standing or is unable to do so for longer periods of time.

This cabinet is as large as most regular, fully enclosed cabinets, so you can etch anything that a stand up cabinet can. It is just eaiser and more comfortable. Some people just like to stand while etching and others just prefer to sit. Now you have a choice!Ideally set up for use with a pressure blaster, you can load and unload the cabinet from the front, which opens up completely. This allows full access not only for larger pieces of flat glass but also 3 dimensional pieces as well. Because the entire front opens up, you can easily load and unload flat glass and 3 dimensional glass while sitting. Great for use etching awards and gifts, the cabinet can also be used to etch flat glass like cabinet doors up to 30" long.

The two magnetic base lights are moveable anywhere in the cabinet, and provide very bright illumination of the etching surfaces.

The Sit-down Cabinet is shown here with the full blasting system mentioned below: cabinet, pressure blaster, dust collector and cyclone separator.

Access opening 23" high x 30" wide
Overall height 54" (feet lowest position)
Overall width 32" including arms
Blast chamber width 30" inside dimensions
Blast chamber depth 20" inside dimensions
Blast chamber height 22" inside dimensions
Viewing area 10" x 27"
Weight 150 lbs.



  • Sit Down to Blast: Designed for use with a standard office chair
  • Front Doors Open: Front of cabinet completely opens up - Easier to insert large 3D objects
  • Dual magnetic base lamps: Brighter working area; adjustable
  • Spring-loaded trap door: Easy recycling into pressure blaster
  • Adjustable feet: Easy leveling and height adjustment
  • 6 Plug Power Strip: convenient power for lamps and dust collector
  • Large glass window viewing area

Your next blasting system

 We know it is hard to understand everything about blast etching systems when you get started. It's even harder think of everything you need to order.

So, we have come up with suggested systems for you!

This equipment system will accomodate over 95% of the people who want to order this cabinet and provides everything else you need at the same time. What's more, ordering the suggested system will get you in business etching glass the fastest and easiest way possible. 


Sit-Down Cabinet Suggested System
complete blasting system with pressure blaster
300142 Sit-Down Cabinet
300187 HEPA 100DC Dust Collector
300105 100S Pressure Blaster (w/Air Actuated Footswitch)
300113 Flex Hose Assembly
300137 Ceramic Nozzles (3/32") 1 Dozen
300135 & 36 Cyclone Dust Separator & hose
300138 Abrasive Sifter
300109 *Silicon Carbide (150 grit) 50 pounds
*Please note: You can substitute 120 grit (300111) silicon carbide for faster cutting, but you get a coarser finish. Substitute 180 grit (300110) for even finer finish on architectural glass and tiny detail on awards (but slightly slower cutting). A grit size of 220 (300156) would be used exclusively for the fine detail on awards and gifts or for etching photos. The 180 and 220 grits are slightly more expensive. Check our abrasives page for more info.


How to Order : To order the full system in the Suggested Systems box above without any changes, just click on "Add one to basket" by that product choice below. Then, you can add a second 50 pound box of abrasive, extra nozzles or a second magnetic light individually (as most people do, since you save on shipping over ordering these later). If you want to change some of the suggested components of the system, do not add the system itself to your basket, but scroll down the product list and add each product individually. To see your total, click on the "Basket Contents" button at the top of the page. If you want to delete anything you have added, just click "Remove" in the Basket Contents page. Then you can click your browser's Back button to go back to the systems page and substitute another product.

Important: We will call you to verify your purchase of any full system before placing the order. Systems do not include compressors. We do not sell compressors, but offer compressor selection information on our compressor page.

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Sit-Down Blasting Cabinet System
Code Name Image Price  
300142SYS Sit-Down Cabinet Blasting System w/Pressure Blaster $3,331.25
300142 Sit-Down Blasting Cabinet $1,560.00
300187 HEPA 100DC Dust Collector $568.00
300105 100B-S Pressure Blaster w/air actuated foot pedal $1,025.00
300113 Flex Hose Assembly $68.75
300137 Ceramic Nozzles (3/32 in.) - 12 pack   $59.25
300135 Cyclone Abrasive Separator   $34.00
300136 Cyclone Separator Hose   $28.00
300109 Silicon Carbide (150 grit) 50 pounds   $125.00
300138 Abrasive Sifter 1360-16   $18.25
300102 Magnetic Base Lamp 6 1/2" Flex   $69.50
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