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Understanding Glass Etching

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To sign up for this seminar and to choose the dates you want to attend, please click on the linked code number below.
Shading Techniques on Glass
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Dates for 2018/2019 are currently being scheduled. Give us a call to request a date for this seminar!


Multi-stage shading is one of the 3 major techniques of abrasive etching on glass. Glass etchers generally agree that it is the most difficult technique to learn, because it is very unforgiving of mistakes.

This is the first class we have ever presented that is dedicated exclusively to the beautiful technique of multi-stage shading. We have a taste of this technique in our 4 day Professional seminar, but this is 4 days of nothing but shading, offered by popular demand!

Shading takes longer to learn than the other techniques, but it is faster to etch a shaded project than one with carving. So, we are able to complete more projects, more elaborate projects and larger projects than in other classes!


Elaborate project etched with the shading technique during the class.

We even teach basic shading techniques on flashed glass during this fascinating class.

An introductory project in class is to see how many different ways you can shade a cloud formation.

In this class, you will learn:

  • positive vs. reverse shading,
  • uniform area vs. variable area shading,
  • freehand shading,
  • design for shading,
  • how to shade with a pressure blaster and a siphon blaster,
  • what type of siphon blaster actually works with shading, and you will
  • Complete up to 10 projects.

Students have many choices of designs in class, like this one from our DVD #3 presentation on shading.
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