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(NOTE: For more information on individual seminars and to sign-up for specific dates, click on the seminar link in the left navigation bar.).

Complete Glass Etching Seminars
Learn how to etch glass, carve it, shade it, gold leaf it and even how to color your etched glass!

We offer the only sandblast glass etching seminars in the U.S. (if not the world) that teach all three sandblast etching techniques plus special tricks of the trade (like controlled glue chipping, use of unique found resists and use of photo resists), and business information like how to price and market your work.

The seminars are organized on the lecture/demonstration/participation model. Students first get a description of each technique, with all the details. Then we do a demonstration of the techniques applied to a specific project. Last, each student creates the project that was just demonstrated, because hands-on practice is the best way to really learn!

Our Teaching Philosophy
Our teaching philosophy is to offer seminars with as much information as we think people can reasonably digest at one time, backed up by as much hands-on practice as possible. We teach not only a practical approach to glass etching, but also an approach that students can use to go into a glass etching business and make good money if they want. These are the professional techniques that benefit everyone learning etching, even hobbyists who want to do the best work possible. We believe in offering an environment that is conducive to learning, plus the classes are so much fun!

Because we know it is difficult and can be expensive to get away from your normal activities and businesses several times, we try to group related seminars together. In this way, you can take two or more seminars in one trip. Not only will this help you save money, it will help you really get a jump start on learning as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

Who are our students?
Our students come from all walks of life. We have had teachers, doctors, electricians, attorneys, business owners, other glass professionals, psychologists, factory workers, nurses, consultants, housewives, software authors, sales clerks, policemen (and women), photographers, postal workers, accountants, construction workers, and just about anyone else you can imagine.

Some of these folks are changing careers from a job at a company that has downsized, some are retired, some looking for a second income, some looking for a business the whole family can participate in, some looking for a unique hobby. We have taught a VP of a large chemical company with sales of over 1 billion dollars, a female auto mechanic, a Japanese artist who spoke almost no Engilsh, a deaf person, several other handicapped people, a person who owned a large clothing manufacturing company in NYC, and many people from other countries.We had a couple take the class together and get engaged during the class, and another spent their honeymoon with us. Sometimes a father or mother will take a seminar with a son or daughter to go into business together or to help give someone with an artistic interest a way of making a living with their art.

All our students are interesting and we have a great time in the classes! Students meet a lot of new friends in class and do a lot of networking.

Ruth Dobbins speaks to a group of stained glass shop owners about photo resist etching techniques at a recent glass conference.

So, where do you start??
Most people just starting out (even if they have been etching for several years) will want to begin their education with our 4 day Professional Glass Etching Seminar and the 3 day Photo Resist Seminar. These seminars have completely different approaches, both of which are necessary to know if you want to get a well rounded knowledge of etching. We usually schedule these seminars together (with one day in between), so you can take both in one trip. Otherwise, you can start with either seminar, then attend the second one whenever you are ready. (For complete descriptions of these classes, click on the links in the menu bar at the left.)

We offer Advanced Glass Carving seminars once or twice a year plus seminars in the related techniques of Gold Leafing on Glass and Coloring Techniques for Etched Glass twice a year as well. These seminars are scheduled together as often as possible, so you can take them all in one trip if you want.

NEW Seminars we added in the past by popular demand.
Advanced Classes in Glass Carving

We had begun expanding our seminars in 2001 by expanding the Gold Leafing and Coloring seminars Carving classes. The enrollment in these seminars is limited to 4, so students can get maximum practice time.

You can also schedule your own private one on one class to work on your specific projects and/or deepen any technique.

Other Classes of interest:
One of the main problems glass etchers face when they want to publicize their business, for professional or personal purposes, is how to get good photos of the work! How to Photograph Etched Glass, will solve this problem. It is designed for glass etchers, not professional photographers.The seminar, On-site Glass Etching, will teach you how to go out and etch glass that is already installed in commercial or residential buildings. How to Etch Stone will teach you how to blast and color-fill stone and ceramic products. The class, How to Gold Leaf on Glass is offered in 3 different levels, each building on the knowledge gained in the previous level. For complete info on all these classes, click their title on the left nav bar. For currently scheduled dates and fees, go to the Schedules/Pricing page.

Seminar Locations
We offer the largest number and choices of seminars at Aliento Glass School, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is our own studio/school location, giving you a chance to see various projects and ask about our set up. You will profit from over 40 years of experience in the glass world. We are here to help you accelerate your own path to your goals. For more information on the school and on Santa Fe, check our main Aliento Glass School page on the left navigation bar!