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Understanding Glass Etching

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How to Color Etched Glass: Level I
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There are currently no scheduled dates for this seminar!

Painting of etched glass designs is becoming very popular. The paint, if it is the proper type, adheres well to etched surfaces, giving it great longevity. Picking the right type of paint is as important as the method of application of the paint. In this class, you will learn about the different types of paint that can be used, how to mix and match colors and different methods of applying them to surface etched and carved glass.

This seminar is a 3 day general class on coloring etched glass. In this session, you will learn about color theory, color mixing, airbrushing, and various techniques of designing your etchings for coloring. You will learn the difference between coloring surface etched designs (where the coloring provides most of the design) vs. coloring multi-stage carvings (where the carving provides most of the design). There will be a thorough presentation of different types of airbrushes and how they work, different types of paints that are suitable for coloring etched glass and the best methods of applying them. Each student will have their own airbrush to use for the portion of the class that teaches that technique. Students will complete projects on mirror, beveled glass and thick, polished glass blanks. The techniques taught in this class will be applicable to glass from large architectural sizes down to small glass gifts and awards.

Co-taught by Ruth Dobbins and guest instructors. An important part of the class is the section on color mixing and matching because it will teach you how to pick colors that go together. If the right color is not available pre-mixed, you will learn how to mix it. Because of the emphasis on understanding color, this color class is great for stained glass artists too!

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