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Understanding Glass Etching

Abrasive Reclaimer
Abrasive Reclaimer
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: 300139
    Price: $320.00
    This photo shows the complete setup of the pass-through cabinet on the right, the abrasive reclaimer in the middle and the dust collector on the left. The arrows indicate the flow of air from the cabinet, through the reclaimer to the dust collector.
    Abrasive Reclaimer

    Using a high volume dust collector (like the DC300) in a small space means that a large quantity of valuable abrasive can be removed from the cabinet and mixed in with the dust that is thrown away. This can cost you several hundred dollars per year in wasted abrasive. We have located an abrasive reclaimer to be used in conjunction with the dust collector, which separates a large percentage of reusable abrasive from the dust so you won't have to throw it away. The Reclaimer will pay for itself several times a year in saved abrasive.

    Important: The Reclaimer requires the use of 4" diameter hoses from the cabinet to the Reclaimer and from the Reclaimer to the Dust Collector. The cabinet must have 4" diameter opening and fixture to attach the hose. Equally important, the cabinet must have AT LEAST a 4" diameter opening (preferably more) for the alternate air inlet to keep the dust collector operating at full efficiency. The only dust collector that works with the Reclaimer is the DC300.

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