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Here is your reference library about Glass Etching and related techniques, plus important business books you can use!

Glass Etching Books

If you have ever looked for how-to books on glass etching, you know they are almost impossible to find. Well, look no farther! We offer the only comprehensive books on abrasive / sandblast glass etching techniques that are currently being published.These are also just about the only books that have designs for etching. Our books and DVD's were designed to be used together for those who want the fastest way to learn about etching plus lots of patterns to choose from. Here is your reference library for glass etching! Click on the titles for detailed info, pictures and prices of each book!

Etching Book 1: Glass Etching: Surface Techniques and Designs
BRAND NEW REVISED EDITION now available! Same price -- More text, more patterns, better photos! Check out the new version now.

Surface etching techniques in detail, updated information on equipment, materials, safety, 103 designs.

Etching Book 2: Glass Etching II: Carving Techniques and Designs

Etching Book 3: Etched Glass: Techniques and Designs
This book is back in print! Get your copy now.
All 3 etching techniques, equipment, materials, safety, 200 full color photos of beautiful etched glass. The only full color, hardcover book ever published on abrasive etching techniques!

Glass Etching Designs: Circular Collection
Over 50 designs especially selected to fit in a circular format. Use for circular windows, table tops, garden stakes, more!

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Books About Related Techniques

You won't be etching long before you realize how beautiful etched and carved glass can be if it is combined with gold leafing or airbrushed judiciously with color. You can learn these techniques through our special seminars, but you will definitely want these carefully selected instruction books as well! Click on the titles for detailed info, pictures and prices of each book!

Gold Leaf Techniques (fourth edition)
This is the bible of gold leafing, 168 pages, featuring a 14 page full color gallery of gold leafed glass, signs, vehicles and more. This treatise covers gold leafing on glass, wood and other substrates. It is the only professional level book on gold leafing available.

Getting Started in Airbrush
This is not a "start from scratch" book, but provides interesting and challenging projects for those with a basic knowledge of airbrush operation. Includes freehand airbrush exercises, use of cut mask, liquid mask, textures, chrome effects, more. More than 20 excercises. (Further information is not yet posted on this book, but will be soon.)

Exploring Color
If you will be coloring your etchings, you need to know about color. An easily understood, thorough presentation. (Further information is not yet posted on this book, but will be soon.)


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