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Pre-cut Glass Etching Stencils for Doors
The patterns included in this section are the first of a large collection we will be offering in an upcoming book and on this website. We plan to add more paterns and more glass shapes as well. If you are interested in etching the glass in doors, you will want to come back to this page regularly.

Click the images below to see a selection of pre-cut stencil patterns in each category.


Important facts

  • Stencils are made from 6 mil thick opaque white vinyl blasting resist. This resist is much easier to apply and gives a 50% greater margin of safety against blast-through than 4 mil. You can even do light carving with it if you are careful. All designs are available in thicker resists by special order.
  • If these sizes don't fit your door, we can proportionally enlarge or reduce them up to 10% for a one-time setup fee of $12.50. There is no additional charge for the stencil!
  • If you need to enlarge or reduce more than 10%, additional stencil charges mayl apply. Call for prices.
  • If you need disproportional enlargements, we can do them in many cases, but it is considered a special order. Additional charges may apply, so call for pricing.
  • Stencils are usually cut and shipped within 4 business days of order.

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