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The best way to learn etching on your own
Learn Glass Etching on DVD!

Glass etching is such a dynamic process, it is very difficult to explain in a book. You just have to see it to understand how to do it! Books are great for patterns and designs, and for reference reading about technique. However, if you want to learn a lot faster, get a DVD.

Of course the fastest way to learn is through one of our intensive, hands-on seminars, but we are the first to admit that not everyone has the time or resources to take a seminar. Even if you are able to take a seminar, there may not be one available at a time when you are free to attend. So in those cases as well - get a DVD!

In fact, many of the people who take our seminars have gotten the DVD's first, to learn as much as they can before they take the seminar. Many of the others get the DVD's after they take the seminar and find out how intensive it is and how much there is to remember!

Even though the seminars get you into etching fast, with several intensive days of experience, they are time limited experiences. On the other hand, the DVD's allow you to learn at your own speed, at home, as you have time. You can re-run a demo a dozen times if you don't quite get it the first time, and you can view the DVD's any time of day or night any time of year.

We currently have two sets on DVD's, oriented to different approaches to etching glass. Read the brief descriptions below, then click on the links to get more information on each set and each individual DVD.

DVD Set #1 Sandblast Glass Etching

Each of the 4 DVD's in this set are designed to teach you one of the primary methods of abrasive etching on glass, plus special techniques and designing for etching. Each video comes with full sized patterns for the projects shown on the tape, so you can follow along at home or in your studio, and create the project as you see it presented. The DVD's come with a CD rom that includes the same patterns, plus many more.You can purchase and learn from each DVD individually or you get a discount by purchasing the full set.

The DVD set contains exactly the same instructional video footage on the glass etching techniques, just in a different format. If you read the descriptions of each set (on the linked pages), you will see that the DVD set contains a lot more overall information on new equipment, on Aliento Glass School, and a gallery of beautiful finished etchings.

DVD Set #2: Glass Etching the Easy Way!

This set of DVD's has just been released and it concentrates on one major aspect of etching - how to apply and use pre-cut resists in glass etching. Getting your own designs, enlarging them, tracing the design and cutting the resist is the most tedious thing about the etching process. And now you don't even have to do it yourself. By obtaining and knowing how to use these resists (created from stock designs or even from your own designs), you can finish projects much faster, with less mistakes, have more fun, and make a lot more money (if you sell your etchings).

Click on the links above to learn more about the DVD's.

Learn striking techniques like this combination of surface etching, multi-stage carving and glue chipping from our DVD Set #1


Learn where to get the designs and stencils for projects like these beautiful etched doors, and how to apply and etch them in our DVD Set #2