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Fingerprint proof your etched glass with

Glass etchers have always been plagued by fingerprints on their etched and carved glass. They look terrible and are difficult to clean off. Many commercial customers are beginning to demand that you have a way of preventing them before giving you an etching job.

The only way to prevent fingerprints in the past was to pay thousands of dollars to buy an expensive franchise, or to install clear glass up against the etching in a double layer. Neither of these very desirable. We used to recommend a stopgap product that was a temporary silocone based product that had to be reapplied over and over, and never worked very well.

But now there is a better way! We are introducing a revolutionary new product that will do the job for you with a simple application of a liquid protective coating. You simply wipe it on, wipe it off, then let it cure for an hour!

Of course, this works on extremely clean glass that the product can easily bond to. For glass that is not completely clean, we have put together a kit for you that comes in 4 parts.

  • Part 1: an excellent glass cleaner
  • Part 2: a 'glass renovator' stain remover for most watermarks and difficult deposits
  • Part 3: the liquid coating itself
  • Part 4: the post-cure cleaner for excess coating material

This is not a temporary coating - it's permanent! Use this product and add value to your etching. Using this coating is more like an investment than a cost. Those who have had access to franchised coatings have been able to raise the price of their coated etchings by at least 4 times the cost of the coating material. Don't miss out on this great new product.

This introductory kit contains enough material to treat 10 square feet of glass to get you started. Then you can purchase a larger kit, suitable to treat 100 square feet of glass, or you can purchase each of the 4 components individually, and replenish them as needed.


Will this coating make my etching 'disappear', like spraying on clear lacquer would?
No, after this coating is properly applied and cleaned it is hardly noticeable on the glass. Your etching looks as good as ever!

Does this coating prevent fingerprints? What about fingerprints from kids in a pizza parlor?!
It won't completely prevent fingerprints, but contaminants from natural finger oils to pizza grease just sit on top of the coating. They aren't absorbed into the etching. These contaminants are a breeze to clean off if - but only if you treat the glass first!

How hard is it to use this coating, and how do I learn?
It's easy! All orders include full instructions as well as MSDS sheets.

ClearShield® Sandblast Glass Sealer

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