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Gift Certificates

Don't know what to give?

So you want to give an appropriate gift to someone who does glass etching but you don't have the faintest idea what they need? Or you need some things for your own etching studio, but you are not sure what to ask for yet?

Well our new Gift Certificates were created just for you! You can purchase a Gift Certificate right here on our web site. Simply choose the dollar amount you wish to purchase and select whether you want to deliver the gift certificate yourself (so we email it to you), or have us email it direct to the recipient. Then, just give us the recipient's information (if applicable). That's all there is to it.

It's so easy!

Once the recipient receives the gift certificate key code, they can redeem it against the puchase of any product in our online store. They can purchase etching supplies, equipment, glass blanks or even a seminar! Just like cash! Enter the key code, and the amount of the gift certificate will be applied towards the purchase. If there is a balance left, they will see the available balance on their invoice. Then they can return to make another purchase and apply the balance to the new purchase. The recipient does not have to mail in the certificate - it is all done automatically on the website!

The gift certificate is delivered (directly to you or to the recipient, at your option) with an email that contains complete instructions for its use in our store. It is good for 12 months after purchase. Gift certificates are available in different amounts, and you can purchase more than one certificate for one person so the total adds up to the amount you want. You can also purchase several gift certificates, each for a different person, in a different amount. We even have gift certificates in the exact amount of our most popular seminars!

For complete information and to select the amount of your certificate, Click on the Gift Certificate product link below.