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Learn How to
Glue Chip Glass
Glue chip is a great texture you can create on the surface of a piece of glass. It is called "glue chipped glass" because the surface of the glass is chipped by the controlled action of a particular type of hide glue. The texture looks like ice crystals on glass in winter and is used as a striking decorative effect as well as to block the view through a piece of glass without blocking out light. You can create it over the whole surface or in selected areas as part of a design. It looks great in combination with etching, and since the preparation includes etching the glass first, it's a natural for glass etchers to learn!

We have 3 ways you can learn to glue chip glass. First, we teach a whole glue chipping segment in our 4 day Professional Glass Etching Seminar. Second, there is a thorough segment on glue chipping on our Videotape #4, Designing for Glass Etching. Last but not least, we offer our Glue Chipping Kit.

Glue chip is a texture that looks like frost on glass in the winter. It is beautiful in combination with etched and carved glass, and it is easy for glass etchers to produce! You just have to spend a little time learning the techniques. When you know the technique, you can chip a pattern, as shown here, or a whole sheet of glass.

EtchMaster® Glue Chipping Kit

This kit has enough hide glue to chip up to 10 square feet of glass, dessicant to dry out the glue and cause it to chip, 3 pre-cut patterns with glue chipped areas already designed in, an extra large squeegee, a bullseye level to level the glass before applying the glue, 2 glue brushes and complete instructions. The box is even designed to store the kit components and keep them organized when you are not using them. All you have to do before starting the chipping process is to sandblast etch the portions of the glass you want to chip, then follow directions!

Get started in glue chipping now with our convenient, compact glue chipping kit!
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Glue Chipping Kit

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