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When purchased separately, these stencils would cost just over $65.00. This represents over 20% savings!

Pre-Cut Stencil Packs

For sandblast etching, chemical etching or painting

Now you can create groups of 6 beautiful etchings, all on the same theme, in just the right sizes for gifts or for resale - and at a great price! Our stencil packs come in several different themes, and each pack has stencils for both 8" x 10" and 6" x 9" glass sizes

These stencils are all created for surface etching, and are cut on white 6 mil thick , self-adhesive vinyl. This material is tough enough that you know you won't be blasting through it and ruining your glass. In fact, you can even do a little light carving with this vinyl.

Whether you are just starting out or have been etching for years, these stencil packs give you some great projects to do at very reasonable prices! Just click on each pack below to see the designs and to order.

Surface Etching Pre-cut stencil Pack


Multistage Carving stencil Pack






Marine Life




Misc. Designs


Holiday Stencil Pack


Save time finding glass!
Glass package for these stencils!

  • 9 pieces of 1/4" thick crystal clear glass with polished edges
  • glass matches the size of the stencils

Only $53.61

Lighted bases make these rectangular etchings glow!

  • 6 ", 8" and 12" bases available (go to Lighted Bases II)
  • 12" base is only available for 1/2" thick glass (this glass must be ordered separately from the glass package - click here then go to the 1/2" thick glass, then scroll to "clear 10" x 12")
  • Preferred Customers save 10%
Lighted Bases II