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Subscribers received the designs for these doors over a year before they were made available to the general public.

What is it?
Our Design System is a new idea in the glass etching business. We were the first to introduce the overall concept and the subscription service. Since we came up with the concept several years ago, others have tried to copy the idea, but not successfully.

When you subscribe, you become a preferred stencil customer and you get many advantages over non-subscribers.

Advantages like getting a fresh source of new etching designs as we create them, rather than having to wait years, until we come out with a new design book. Advantages like discounts on your orders of pre-cut stencils, discounts on setup charges for pre-cutting your own etching designs. You even get special collections of etching designs at a discount. And the cost of the subscription is so low that if you sell only one etching job per year, it can easily pay for the subscription many times over.

Don't forget, our new DVD's can teach you how to use pre-cut stencils on large and small pieces of glass! In DVD #6, we show you how to apply the stencils and etch the doors shown here!

How does a design system subscription work?
The cost of a one year subscription is only $150. Then when you first subscribe, you get The EtchMaster Design Book (a $90 value) and a one year subscription. You also get the following benefits:

  • Get a 20% discount on custom setup charges for a full year!
  • Get a 10% discount on pre-cut stencil costs for the full year!
  • Get the newest designs before public release - up to 4 YEARS before!
  • All this for only $150
...and with all the benefits above, the subscription is practically free!

When your first year is up, you re-subscribe for another $150, and you get a coupon for $50 off your next stencil purchase of $50 or more.

Whenever you order pre-cut stencils or design services from us, just give us your subscriber number to receive your discount. When you are a member, you automatically get notices of new features, new designs, design collections, long before these are announced to the general public. In fact, many of these benefits are for members only, and are never offered to the public.

What are the benefits?

  • Competitive advantage over non-subscribers in your market
  • Save money on pre-cut stencil charges
  • Save money on set-up charges for custom orders
  • Get the newest designs before others
  • Get special design collections to help you sell your work
  • Order over $100 recieve free ground shipping

The subscription that pays for itself
There are many ways this subscription can pay for itself. It can pay for itself in discounts on your orders of pre-cut stencils and set-up charges. It can pay for itself by giving you new designs for your customers to choose from. It can pay for itself by giving you special discounts on new design collections and on other products and services we offer to subscribers from time to time. Here are a few examples.

  1. Normally, we come up with 50 to 100 new designs per year. If we only have 50 new designs one year and your subscription costs $100 ($150 less the $50 coupon), you are only paying less than $1.75 per design, an incredibly low cost for brand new designs! (Of course, when we have 75 or 100 new designs in a year, the cost per design is much less.) The sale of only one etching from a new full size design can more than pay for the cost of subscribing, since any one etching for a door or window panel sell for between $200 and $800 (or more), even for surface etching. Realistically, you will probably sell many etchings from the new designs in one year, dramatically increasing your return. But what if you don't even sell one??
  2. If you don't use even one of the new designs during the year, you can still be way ahead by subscribing, by getting discounts on your pre-cut stencil orders. If the real cost of your subscription is $100, and you get 10% off the cost of your pre-cut stencils as a subscriber, you pay for your subscription if you order $800 worth of stencils in a year. This represents only about $5000 in sales in a year to break even on your subscription cost in stencil discounts. This would be a small amount even for a part-timer. Everything above that would be gravy. And with a savings of 20% on setup charges, the subscription pays for itself even sooner than that!
  3. The most likely situation, though, it that you will combine both the above situations. With that in mind, most of our subscribers figure they have paid for their subscription the first time they sell a finished etching with a value of more than $100, from a design in The EtchMaster Design Book, or from designs released during the year.

Become a preferred stencil customer - subscribe now!

What should you do next?
If you are now selling etched glass or if you plan to do so in the near future, you should subscribe to the Design System now! Just think, if you had subscribed when we started the system, you would have had hundreds of new designs available to you for up to 4 years before they were released to the public. Every day you are not a subscriber, you could be losing business and losing money. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, we plan on improving and increasing benefits as time goes on. Don't wait, subscribe now!