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High Tack (HT) and High Detail (HD)
RapidMask(tm) is the one and only photo resist on the market that does not require a water washout. This makes it by far the easiest photo resist to image, process and blast.


  • Easier application, with almost no bubbles!
  • Deeper blasting possible (with 4 mil HighTack)
  • Faster and easier halftones (with 2 mil HD)
  • Easier removal after blasting: Hand peel or remove with warm water.
  • More light tolerant - work in normal room light up to an hour or more
  • Use the water application method for exact positioning and bubble-free halftone application.

That's right, RapidMask(tm) is now being made in both the 4 mil thick standard version and the 2 mil thick RapidMask(tm) HD (for High Definition)

Use the RapidMask HT(tm) for average to fine detail where extra safety from "snowing through" or deeper blasting is desired. Use RapidMask(tm) HD where extra fine detail is desired and when you want to etch photographs on glass!

(Yes etching photos is a very cutting edge use of the product and does require some instruction and practice. In addition, you have to be able to use PhotoShop, Corel, or another software program to create a halftone of your photo. We conduct a special class just on using RapidMask(tm) to etch photographs and it is the only one of its kind. Click here for a full class description and to see when it is scheduled.)


Try this at home!

So, just how do you use RapidMask(tm)?

Here are the steps:

  1. Just expose your original artwork on the resist (use standard exposure light - $315),
  2. Remove backing sheet,
  3. Apply to the glass,
  4. Remove cover sheet and blast.

Complete instructions in every package.

Rapid Mask

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