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Starter Kit for Etching Awards & Gifts
    Starter Kit for Etching Awards & Gifts
    Purchase Starter Kit for Etching Awards & Gifts
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      Starter Kit for Etching Awards & Gifts

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    Starter kit #1:
    Complete package for awards and gifts

     This is by far the best starter kit available involving photo resist! If your primary interest is in etching smaller glass pieces like gift items, awards and promotional products, this kit is for you. There is a huge number of different items considered in this group: glassware like mugs, glasses, decanters, carafes, crystal bowls; giftware like glass boxes, paperweights, candle holders, ornaments, window hangings and mirrors; and an enormous selection of glass and crystal awards and corporate gifts.

    This kit will get you started with the photo resist technique of creating your own stencils and etching them. But we don't just give you blank photo resist materials and wave good bye at the curb like other manufacturers do. Then you would be on your own to start from scratch. You would not only have to learn about your blasting equipment and etching techniques, but all about successfully printing out your artwork and processing your own photo resist before you could etch a single piece of glass.

    This is a well thought out and planned kit - designed to insure your success from the beginning.

    No one else provides you with these extra aids to getting started! We do it because we want you to be successful.



    This is a part of what is included in the starter kit, plus the 4 shelf dryer (at right) available separately.

    Of course, we have provided the exposure and washout nozzle, lots more photo resist to practice with than the basic kit, more release paper, more artwork film, and all the other necessities. But in addition to that, to make sure you know what to look for when advancing through the learning process, we have also provided you with:

    • Correctly processed and printed artwork of great etching designs. Now you will know what artwork is supposed to look like when it is done correctly. And you can actually use these designs to produce your own resists.
    • Correctly processed photo resist samples of the same artwork mentioned above. Now you will know what photo resist is supposed to look like when made correctly. You will also be able to apply these resists to glass and immediately etch it to see how the etching process really works.
    • Beautifully finished crystal clear glass etching blanks, so you can immediately start producing sample etchings with the photo resists mentioned above.
      The price of all these items if purchased separately is $730.89. For etching awards and gifts, we recommend that you also order the drying oven for photo resist.
    Starter package #2: Everything you need to get started etching glass gifts and awards

    Your choice of 2 - 10 sheet boxes from the different photo resist films listed below

    • UltraPro (3 mil) self-adhesive
    • UltraPro Blue (4 mil) self-adhesive
    • R3 (3 mil) self-adhesive
    • RapidMask HT (4 mil) self-adhesive
    Silicone Release Paper - 50 sheets

    Your choice of one artwork film for printing

    • Positive FX drafting film - 20 sheets, for laser printers
    • AccuArt2 Waterproof Inkjet film - 10 sheets for inkjet printers
    Letralight Exposure Unit
    Washout Nozzle
    UV protective glasses
    Pre-printed artwork
    Pre-imaged photo resist stencils
    10 pieces of 4" x 6" x 1/4" thick, crystal clear glass with polished edges
    Instructional Handbook - "How to Etch Glass Awards & Gifts"
    Misc. supplies: Squeegee, Stencil knife, 1 roll high quality masking tape
    4" Lighted Base
    Note: Once you get started and begin getting orders, we highly recommend the 4 shelf Film Dryer to speed up your production