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Instructional DVD series
: DVD Set #2

New Glass Etching DVD's

These DVD's show you how to make use of new developments available in glass etching - pre-cut stencils for etching. Using pre-cut stencils can make your etching much faster, more accurate, higher quality and more fun! If you are selling your etched glass, using pre-cut stencils can double the amount per hour that you earn! But how?

Well, first look at the old way of producing your design on the glass, ready to be etched. After locating a pattern, you have to enlarge it to the right size (using an opaque projector or enlarging copier), then trace it onto the resist on your glass, then you have to go over it again with a stencil knife to cut the design out of the resist. This process is laborious, time consuming and requires a lot of practice to get good with your cutting skills.

When using pre-cut stencils, you can eliminate all the work mentioned above, simply by applying a stencil to your glass that is already cut out. Then, all you have to do is peel out the areas of the stencil that you want to be etched (the same way you would with a hand-cut stencil) and etch the glass! Simple, easy and fast!

If you are doing surface etching, preparing the stencil can take over 50% to 75% of the time required to finish an etching. You save this time when you use pre-cut stenicls, so you can finish most etchings in half the time it takes if you hand-cut a stencil. No matter if you complete your etching in half the time, it is still worth the same amount to your customer, so you just doubled the amount you earned per hour for the job.

But where do you get pre-cut stencils? What designs are available? How do you use them? Are the techniques the same for small or large pieces of glass? What about pre-cut stencils for multi-stage carving and shading designs? Answering these important questions is where these new DVD's come in!

DVD #5: How to Etch Glass Using Pre-cut Stencils, Part I $39.95

  1. How to apply pre-cut stencils to small or medium sized pieces of flat glass
  2. How to perfectly align the stencils to the edges of the glass
  3. How to apply pre-cut stencils to round glass like glassware.
  4. How to etch round and flat pieces of glass by abrasive etching
  5. How to etch flat pieces of glass with etching cream
DVD #6: How to Etch Glass Using Pre-cut Stencils, Part 2 $39.95 
  1. Suggestions for artwork, mirroring artwork for installation in double panels
  2. How to apply pre-cut stencils to large pieces of glass like door or window panels.
  3. How to align the stencils to the glass.
  4. How to etch these larger pieces of glass with a pass-through type blasting cabinet.
These DVD's are designed to work especially well with our EtchMaster(R) pre-cut stencil system.
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DVD set #2

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