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100 pound capacity Pressure Blaster

A pressure blaster is the professional's etching tool of choice. It allows you to etch 4 times faster than a siphon blaster at half the pressure. Now you can get your jobs done faster, complete more projects in a day, and put the extra money in your pocket. A pressure blaster allows you to use more etching techniques (multi-stage carving and shading, in addition to surface etching) and to have more control over the process.

How does it do this? Simply by providing a more efficient method of feeding the abrasive into the compressed air stream. By feeding the abrasive under pressure, rather than siphoning it, you get control of the amount of abrasive that is used and you deliver more of it to the surface you are working on with less pressure. It is easy to adjust high pressure with concentrated abrasive flow for fast carving or pressure that is so low it is almost no more than a breath of air, for delicate shading.

All pressure blasters are not created equal!
We have built these especially for glass etching and decorative blasting on stone, ceramic, wood or metal. So they don't have the huge, heavy hoses and nozzles found on pressure blasters used for other purposes (blasting bridges, ships or buildings). We feature a lightweight 3/8" sand hose and a small nozzle assembly ideal for finely detailed work, as well as for large blasted areas. The small diameter nozzles we supply with the blasters allow the efficient use of a small compressor (2hp acceptable, 5hp recommended). For large, heavy blasting, larger hose and nozzle assemblies are also available

At the same time, these are not stripped down blasters like you would find at many discount suppliers, but ones that have all the required parts, and they are already installed. We know Home Depot, Lowes or Menard's will be disappointed that you are not coming in twice a day to try to mix and match pipe fittings, get bell reducers, reducing bushings, hose adapters, substitute blast hoses (no, they don't have any), analyze regulators, figure the efficiency of a water separator, and so forth. But you won't be! It's all here!

If you already have a blasting cabinet or if you are upgrading from an old siphon blaster, and you are just looking for a top notch blaster, this is it. It even comes with an air actuated foot pedal for easy on/off operation.

Wheels yes, blaster is portable
Abrasive Capacity*
100 lbs.
Approximate Blast Time**
2-6 hours
Hose*** 10 feet
* capacity with a dense abrasive like silicon carbide, slightly less with sand, garnet, etc.
** estimate based on average abrasive settings and blasting techniques, may vary widely
*** Hoses supplied are all 3/8" i.d., best for most projects and any pressure. 1/2" hose and nozzle assembly available separately for use on very large projects.

Our sandblasters offer higher quality at a lower cost than any comparable blasters. The units come complete; no extra parts are necessary. This includes:

  • the tank
  • water separator
  • pressure regulator
  • air gauge
  • all valves
  • sandblast hose
  • spare nozzles
  • air actuated footswitch
  • diaphragm valve & hoses

Minor assembly is required and instructions are included. The model 100-S comes with an air-actuated footswitch. The air-controlled valve turns the stream of abrasive and air on and off immediately. This is a very important accessory you won't find on many blasters. (Please note, the air hose and fittings come with the air compressor.)


Please note: Our instructional etching Video #1 and Video #2, in Videoset #1 show how to adjust and use a pressure blaster.