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Dust Collectors for glass etching

A high volume dust collector is necessary in blasting cabinets and blast rooms to remove the dust created during the blasting process, providing much better visibility and minimizing your personal exposure to the dust. Dust collectors are far superior to vacuum systems in size of dust particles removed, volume of air processed, and life span of the motor.

A dust collector is rated by the air volume it moves every minute, expressed as the CFM, or the Cubic Feet per Minute that it removes from the cabinet. In selecting a dust collector, important factors to consider are how many air changes per minute does it provide in the cabinet, the average length of time you will be blasting at one time, and how intensive will your blasting be.

A dust collector that is adequate for a smaller cabinet will provide 8-10 air changes per minute, while 6-8 changes per minute is good for a large cabinet. This assumes average blasting, with periods of blasting for 5 to 10 minutes broken up by periods of stopping to check your work, peel resist, etc. For more intensive blasting, such as heavy carving or blasting large surface areas all at one time, the dust collector will have to provide more air changes per minute. (The number of air changes per minute is calculated by figuring the volume of the blast chamber in cubic feet and dividing that into the CFM rating of the dust collector.)

We feature a choice of 2 different dust collectors: the mid-range DC100 HEPA and the high volume DC300.

To help you make a decision on selecting a dust collector for the cabinet you want to purchase, click on the links below to read about each dust collector in more detail. To make it even easier, we have included a dust collector in each suggested system we are offering with each cabinet. Generally we have suggested a lower cost dust collector with the systems, but have recommended a better one as an upgrade.

The DC 100 HEPA and the DC300 are shown above.

Dust Collectors

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