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Dates for 2017 are currently being scheduled. Give us a call to request a date for this seminar!

Etched and carved stone or ceramic tile make striking and unique gifts, signs, house markers, stepping stones, welcome markers and much more. You can learn how to create these unique pieces in our intensive seminar.

The equipment and resist techniques are the same as for etching and carving glass and anyone who does one type of etching can also do the other, with the information presented in this seminar.

The variety of gift items that can be made with abrasive blasting techniques on stone is practically unlimited. Almost anything that is made from stone can be etched. But sometimes the designs aren't easy to see or notice after carving. We will show you how to overcome this limitation by color filling when needed. You will also learn what types of paints and other coloring agents to use and how to apply them.

Most people that become interested in etching stone don't really realize the full range of products they can create. This is because they don't realize the full range of stone types that are available.

There are products made from polished stone like marble, granite, soapstone, onyx, and travertine that include products from gift items to stone tiles and even stone monuments. Unfinished stones with smooth, hard surfaces include everything from crystals to river rocks. Then there is the category of rough rocks, like sandstone, flagstone, slate and various boulders. Each of these types of stones can be etched or carved and we will cover them all.


What you will learn in this class:

  • What type of equipment to use
  • What different types of stone can be etched and how do you work with each one
  • What types of resist are best for the different types of stone
  • What is the best abrasive and what about recycling it to be used on glass
  • How to color fill carved areas and what types of paints to use
  • How to complete larger projects, including continuing a design across several pieces of stone or tile

Students in this exciting seminar will have the opportunity to complete many projects during the class, including all the types of projects shown on this page and many more! Don't miss this class - sign up now!


Just look at a few of the projects from seminars gone by!
What a great class! Everybody has the chance to complete lots of projects, on everything from river rocks to marble blanks.