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Learn to Etch Installed Glass Without Having to Remove It!

Though we have been etching glass on-site for many years, we just recently created this new class on the subject. Both of the classes we have held have been terrific. Students have completed projects in the class that were worth more than the cost of the class, and loved every minute. Keep on reading for more details, but first . . .

What is On-Site Etching?
On-site glass etching gives you the ability to go out to a home or business that has installed glass, and etch a design on the glass without having to remove it, and without creating a mess while doing the etching. There is a huge business opportunity in the glass etching business to do on-site etching, since there are so many potential customers who would like etched glass, but don't want to remove their glass to have it etched.

Special equipment and techniques are required for on-site etching and that is what this seminar will teach. Here are a few of the topics that will be covered:

  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • Types of etching resist used for on-site work
  • Resist application & producing a design
  • Using pre-cut stencils
  • Using photo resists
  • How to etch tempered glass on-site
  • What kind of compressor to use.
  • What glass etching techniques are not suitable for on-site etching
  • When you might want to use an on-site blaster in your own studio
  • What about using on-site equipment to etch car, truck and van windows?
  • Pricing and marketing considerations

Students will not only learn the principles of on-site etching, but will also have the opportunity to etch several larger pieces of glass with the on-site glass etching equipment. You will learn how to mask off window and door frames to protect them, how to schedule your production time to accomodate a smaller compressor, where to get designs for on-site etching, safety precautions and much more. In the marketing section, students will learn about potential markets for on-site etching: for decorative etching, signage, commemoratives & fund raisers, as well as pricing suggestions.

Whether you want to specialize exclusively in on-site glass etching, or if you want to add it to an existing etching business, this class is for you. Enrollment is limited, so don't delay - sign up now!

After applying the resist and removing the elements to be etched, Lane uses an on-site blaster to surface etch a design onto a mounted piece of glass.

The finished etching was started and completed on-site, without having to remove the doors. Here the glass has been removed to be used as a subject in our class on How to Photograph Etched Glass.

Larry is working on a larger, door sized piece of glass that could be a cabin door of a yacht.

Take this seminar to learn all about the equipment, the supplies, the techniques and the marketing and pricing for on-site etched glass!