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Learn all the beautiful techniques of real gold leafing: gilding on clear, unblasted glass (called burnished gilding, which produces a gold mirror finish), gilding sandblasted surfaces (matte gilding), controlled glue chipping, gilding glue chipped surfaces, using different colors of gold leaf, variegated leaf, abalone shell inlay, more. Co-taught by Ruth Dobbins and Bill Hueg, a premier gold leaf artist who has been gold leafing for over 25 years. Students in these classes are amazed at how much they learn in just 3 days.

This intensive seminar will take you from novice to knowledge in 3 days. It is for anyone who has never gold leafed before or anyone who has only learned one of the two major gold leafing techniques, or anyone who has only been leafing for a year or two and wants a refresher.

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, students will learn about the specific materials and tools needed for gold leafing. Materials include different sizes (adhesives), the different qualities of gold from different manufacturers, the actual gold and other metallic leaves available, tinting colors for sizes, bronze and mica powders and more. "Tools" are specific brushes for applying sizes and the gold leaves. Using the right brushes for the job is an important part of gold leafing.

Students will complete 3 terrific projects in class. Because of the multitude of techniques taught, sometimes students come back for 2 of these seminars to get really good at all of them. We even have more advanced gold leafers come to brush up on techniques they haven't used recently.

NOTE: Gold Leaf Techniques is a great companion book to this class and a required reference book for anyone doing gold leafing!

Important note about class costs: The Level 1 class fee includes all materials. The Level 2 fee DOES NOT include materials, because students can approach the project in different ways, using different amounts of materials. See the schedule page.

Look what we've done in some recent seminars!
Our hands on seminars are intensive and fun!

Ruth Dobbins taught gold leafing to over 20 students from North and South America, Europe and the Far East in a one day seminar at a recent glass conference.
Applying the gold

With the matte gilding process, after you apply the gold leaves, you have to pound the leaf into the size, insuring adhesion.
The finished project!

This piece of beveled glass features a carved and gold leafed design with different carats of gold and different colors of size.
About the guest instructor

Master gilder Bill Hueg has been a sign artist and gilder for over 25 years, one of the best in the country. In addition to being an expert gold leafer, Bill is also an accomplished fine artist, as you can see from the painting he is working on at the left (for Mossant French restaurant in Chicago).

Also among his accomplishments is mural and billboard painting. (We always wondered why they are called bill boards!) In the summer of 2000, he completed a mural that covered several interior walls of an auto museum in southern California. The overall size of the mural was 5000 square feet and the project took almost a year to complete from start to finish.

Bill incorporates all his talents in the gold leafing class, so students learn not just gold leafing, but an artistic approach to it as well!