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300DC Dust Collector
    300DC Dust Collector
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      300DC Dust Collector

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    DC 300 dust collector 


    This dust collector is rated at 300 CFM, 300% more powerful than our standard dust collectors. These powerful dust collectors are intended to be used with the larger pass-through cabinets, when they are used for intensive blasting.

    Any type of production work where you are blasting a large percentage of time generates much higher volumes of dust, on a more continuous basis. This is true when blasting door panels, shower doors, table tops or other large objects that require blasting over larger surface areas. It also applies when doing deep carving of many elements in a design, where continuous blasting is required for longer periods.This is a fundamentally different type of dust collector, with a sealed motor driving a separate blower. This dust collector has a 4-bag filter system with a "shaker" device to clean dust from the bags when they begin to get clogged. The dust then falls into a dust drawer which can easily be removed from the unit and emptied into the trash.

    Using a high volume dust collector in a small space means that a large quantity of valuable abrasive can be removed from the cabinet and mixed in with the dust that is thrown away. This can cost you several hundred dollars per year in wasted abrasive. We have located an abrasive reclaimer to be used in conjunction with the dust collector, which separates a large percentage of reusable abrasive from the dust so you won't have to throw it away. The Reclaimer will pay for itself several times a year in saved abrasive. For more information on the Reclaimer go to the Abrasive Reclaimer product page.


    air volume
    rated 300 CFM
    filter system
    4 cloth filter bags
    supplied hose
    4 1/2" x 6 ft flexible hose
    1/3 hp, 120 volt
    overall dimensions


    Abrasive Reclaimer with DC 300 dust collector

    This photo shows the complete setup of the pass-through cabinet on the right, the abrasive reclaimer in the middle and the dust collector on the left.