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HEPA 100DC Dust Collector
    HEPA 100DC Dust Collector
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      HEPA 100DC Dust Collector

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    This is the DC100 HEPA dust collector with 3 stage filtration. It filters dust particles to HEPA standards. Not only is it a better filtration system, it will save your dust collector motors from burning out as well. This fact alone could pay for the small extra cost within a year.
    The DC100 HEPA

    This is an upgraded version of the DC100, with 3 filter stages. The bag filter of the DC100 is combined with a high quality cartridge filter, and a second bag filter provides final filtration. If you are exhausting the filtered air back into the room where you are working, as most people do, using this unit will drastically reduce the number of small dust particles you are exposed to during blasting.

    The only problem with this unit is that the extra filters reduce the effective CFM of the collector, so it is not recommended for the largest of cabinets. For these cabinets, you should consider the DC 300 multi-bag dust collector.

    Filter Bag
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    HEPA Filter (Hepa version only)
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    Exit filter (Hepa version only)
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    42 lbs.