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Judy Chicago
Chicago in Glass

For the past 4 years, Norm and Ruth Dobbins have been collaborating with internationally recognized artist Judy Chicago to create new expressions of Judy's work in glass. That effort came to fruition in their first showing, at LewAllen Contemporary gallery in Santa Fe from November 3 through December 31, 2006.

The show featured over 30 works that include glass that has been fused in multiple color layers, then carved, painted and fired in a kiln as well as glass that has been cast, then carved, painted and fired.

There have been many articles written about the glasswork and the show gained worldwide attention. Some of these articles are included here in this website, under 'articles' on the left navigation bar.

The focus of the glass in the show was gesture, and how emotion and meaning can be conveyed through simple gestures. Hands are used as the conveyors of the gestures and most of the finished pieces are hands in one form or another. Glass is the primary medium because its transparency or translucence allows you to see what is under the surface of the "skin". This allows the artist to convey meaning both through the gesture itself and what she allows you to see under the skin.

The pieces in the show are the result of almost 4 years of experimentation and pushing the limits of how glass has been used in the past. This applies both to the painting and firing techniques used by Judy and Ruth and to the carving techniques employed by Norm to create the shapes for painting.

Ms. Chicago is well known for expressing her art through projects in a wide variety of media besides painting. The Dinner Party, the project that catapulted her to international recognition in the late 1970's, featured ceramic plates, Later works included quilts, bronzes and pyrotechnics. She included a large stained glass installation in her Holocaust Project several years ago.

The installation, Rainbow Shabbat, was 4 1/2 feet high by 16 feet wide. The glass painting on the installation was created for the project by well known stained glass artist Dorothy Maddy, prior to Maddy's passing in 1991. This installation will also be a part of the show at the Lewallen gallery.

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Norm and Ruth Dobbins, owners of Professional Glass Consultants, Aliento Glass School and Dobbins' Studios, have been involved in the art glass business for over 30 years. Their expertise includes etched and carved glass, fused and slumped glass and stained glass. They have written several books, authored videos and have taught internationally attended classes and seminars on glass etching for 30 years. They own the EtchMaster(R) line of glass etching equipment and supplies.

Aliento Glass School and Dobbins Studios

In the past few years, Norm and Ruth have pursued their studio work, but primarily in the form of private and public commissions from individuals, businesses and institutions. They are now involved in large scale production of glass windscreens for the new light rail system just introduced in New Mexico.

Studies carved, painted and fired on fused glass.

New Show Scheduled
A new showing of this work is now scheduled for a glass museum just outside Toronto, Canada. The show will run from September 9 through November 11, 2007. The museum is called the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, in Waterloo, Ontario. Tickets for a special artist's talk and a preview tour of the show has been available (for $300 per ticket), but the artist's talk is already sold out. For more information, please view their website.

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