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Articles about the 'Chicago in Glass' Showing

Several articles have been written about Judy Chicago's new work in glass with Norm and Ruth Dobbins, and we expect more. Some of these articles are being written by magazines primarily focusing on glass art and will feature information about the glass and the glass artists. Some are in art magazines or general circulation newspapers and magazines who focus on Judy and the evolution of her artwork. These may or may not feature much information about the glass techniques. We will post these here as they come out and as we have time to post them. The show has officially started and we have been getting great reviews!


Glass Craftsman magazine, October/November issue 2006
Download pdf (662K)

Profitable Glass Quarterly magazine, Fall issue 2006
Download pdf. (775K)

Albuquerque Journal, Santa Fe North edition, Oct.27, 2006
Download pdf (328k)

Santa Fe Reporter newspaper, Arts & Culture, Nov. 1-7, 2006
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Judy speaking to a group from Brandeis University at Dobbins Studios in May, 2006.

Norm and Ruth with "Grand Snake Arm" at LewAllen Contemporary gallery.