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Here is your invitation...

If you werent able to come to see the show in New Mexico, you can still print out an invitation! Much more information about the work and how it was done is available in the articles on this website.

Working with Judy Chicago in glass for 4 years has been challenging, demanding, a learning experience and a lot of fun. We hope you will explore the rest of this part of our website to read more about everything we have done!

Here is the announcement for the show and invitation to the opening for you to print out. Click one of the links below to see the whole invitation, in full size. If you have a high speed connection, the High Resolution link is 1.9M and is very good quality. If you have a lower speed connection, the Low Resolution link is only 416K and is adequate for most uses.

Judy Chicago Postcard





Low resolution image(416KB)

High resolution image(1.9MB)

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The invitations are in .PDF format. When you click the link to download, a new browser window will open. Just minimize the window and continue browsing our site.