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What Can You Make?

To say that you can etch anything that is glass is begging the point a little. Without some help, you just canít imagine all the things that look good etched. So hereís a little help!

Architectural products: Windows, doors or whole entryways in homes, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, banks, airports, government buildings . . . well, you get the idea!

Interior decoration products: Cabinet doors for all cabinets from china cabinets to gun cabinets, table tops from dining tables to end tables, room dividers, booth dividers in restaurants, fireplace screens, etc.

Folding room dividers of etched glass can be a striking way to screen off an area that is seldom used, or to make a smaller, more intimate space. Created by Norm & Ruth Dobbins of Professional Glass Consultants, reprinted by permission from Etched Glass: Techniques & Designs..

Awards, corporate gifts and promotional products: Glassware like glasses, mugs, decanters, carafes, vases, bowls; paperweights, crystal and regular glass sculptures and glass blanks especially created for the purpose of recognizing achievement or expressing appreciation.

The award at left was one of over 20 Urban Radio Music Awards given to prominent performing artists like Will Smith, B.B. King, Winton Marsalis, and Erika Badu. Created on optical crystal glass by Norm & Ruth Dobbins of Professional Glass Consultants.

Gifts: Almost any glass item found in any gift shop, department store or import shop can be etched. You can create your own line of etched gifts for any specialty shop with standard glass items and custom designs.

The rosewood box at right has an etched beveled mirror top, and the design in the box itself was carved by abrasive etching. (By Norm & Ruth Dobbins)

Signs: Almost any interior sign in any mall, restaurant, hotel, office building, government building, airport, etc. can be etched glass. Etched and carved glass signs are frequently combined with elegant artistic designs

Etched glass art: From glass sculptures to wall pieces to windows, glass can be a canvas for the expression of an artistic vision through etching.