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Why etched glass?

ss?Glass etching is a beautiful and elegant method of creating a graphic design on the surface of an otherwise smooth piece of glass. Just as important, it is permanent and will never come off. Etched and carved glass has become extremely popular these days, and you see it everywhere in upscale restaurants, hotels, banks, theaters and homes.

The current booming interest in etched glass only started about 20 years ago, first with architectural applications (for example, etched doors and windows), but has now spread into etched glass awards, corporate and personal gifts, elements for interior design and decoration (table tops, room dividers, cabinet doors, etc.), signs and much more.

Pair of picture windows with a picture! Surface etched scene of egrets in the water adds a feeling of tranquility. By Norm Dobbins, PGC.



Because it's beautiful, it's elegant, it is a permanent addition of glass artwork to a home or business that adds value, need we go on?

You know a trend has “arrived” when you regularly see it on television and you see etched glass everywhere on television now, from soap operas to sitcoms and from backdrops for the national nightly news to beer commercials. A large number of high end, high visibility corporate, governmental and entertainment awards are now made up of etched glass products.

As a business . . .
Commercial demand for etched glass is still growing rapidly and the supply of glass etchers is still low, so prices and profit margins are high. Consequently, there are good opportunities for people to get into the glass etching business and make good money.

As a hobby . . .
Glass etching also makes an excellent hobby for anyone wanting a creative outlet. The idea that an individual, with a minimum investment in equipment and training, can make beautiful etched and carved glass, is a new one. So new, in fact that hobbyests are just beginning to discover etching. One of the things they are discovering is just how hard it is to get information about how to learn etching.

Would-be professional glass etchers find it equally difficult to learn etching techniques. The whole field of etching is so new, it is very difficult to learn about the techniques. Most glass etchers are generally not willing to teach others because they are making very good money and are not interested in creating their own competition.

We have created just about the only educational material covering glass etching that is on the market. Unless you heard about us from one of the limited circulation trade magazines for whom we write, or from someone you know that does etching, you might never find out about our training materials since they are not advertised in the general media.

Because you are here, at this web page, you are one of the creative few who have searched us out, and by doing so are discovering how to learn glass etching - and learn it the right way! For years, we have produced and offered instructional materials about glass etching to the public. We have written books, authored video tapes and instructed seminars for people wanting to learn etching techniques. In fact, we are just about the only organization where you can learn all the abrasive etching techniques and many related techniques (like glue chipping, gold leafing, and coloring of etched glass) as well.

Why learn glass etching from us?
In the past 20 years, we have taught well over 4000 people from every state in the US and more than 35 countries. Thousands more have purchased our educational videos and books. We have taught or consulted for all types and sizes of businesses in glass etching, from mom and pop businesses all the way up to the largest companies in the glass etching business. Our students have not only included businesses and professional glass etchers, but also individuals (from nurses to bankers to janitors, teachers, surgeons, engineers and more) wanting to learn a fulfilling and rewarding hobby, or even start a new career!