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Understanding Glass Etching

This is the original gallery of etched work from our students! Check out the new gallery of work at Students Gallery II.
Students Gallery I
Click here for Students Gallery II

We're proud of our students and their work!

Many of our students go on to start successful businesses, careers or hobbies in etched glass. We are featuring some of their creations in these pages. If you are a former student of ours with a good photo of work you would like to see featured here, just email it to us. the photo as large as you can, in 72 dpi resolution. Be sure you also send any newspaper writeups you get and awards you receive! Obviously we can't feature every photo we get, but we will be adding to this display every couple of months


Almost a third of the artists featured in our full color book, Etched Glass: Techniques & Designs, are either former students or have used our books and videos. Some of their work is featured in these pages as well. We still are looking for publication quality photos (transparencies, digital) from glass artists who use etching techniques to contribute to their artwork, whether they are a former student or not. We can use these photos in future publishing projects, with full credit to the artist.
Alan Davis has made a definite committment to succeeding in the glass etching business!
These pieces of Alan's were made with the help of our own Etchmaster(R) pre-cut stencils


Multi-stage carving by Tohru Okamura from Japan. (Stand design copyright Norm Dobbins, 1999)


Glass platter with the images carved and shaded, by Tohru Okamura. (From our book, Etched Glass, Techniques and Designs.)

This piece is multi-stage carved, in combination with a gluechipped background. By Kay Lotz

After taking his classes Jim Peck got a nice writeup in his local newspaper.


A great combination of a surface etched centerpiece assembled with brass came into a stained glass window. by Kim & Joan Prible


Multi-stage carved beveled glass with gluechipped background. by Kim & Joan Prible

Blown glass bowl, carved and painted by Bernice Furman


Annie Morningstar and over a dozen employees create striking etched and painted wine bottles. (From our book, Etched Glass, Techniques and Designs.)


Parrot scene executed with the shading technique of etching, by Frank Howard. (From our book, Etched Glass, Techniques and Designs.)

Auto technician Mary Nohr now not only works on fancy cars' mechanical systems, she can also offer finely etched decorative accents for clients cars, like this 2001 Corvette.


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