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Understanding Glass Etching

Selections from our testimonial file . . .

We love our customers and strive to give the kind of service that they will love. Most of the time, we make it, but sometimes we don't. And then we try even harder. After over 30 years in business, the kudo file is bulging. We just thought you might be interested in what our customers have to say about us and our products. A message to our students and customers: We can't tell you how much we appreciate your messages! We'll continue to do our best to earn every word.

Norm & Ruth,

Let me begin by saying, "I never thought what happened to me in New Mexico would have ever happened to me." When I first made plans to come to The Aliento School, I was looking to obtain knowledge on techniques of applying gold leaf, since there is a revived interest out on the East coast looking to incorporate this medium along with etched/ carved glass and mirror.

While making arrangements with Lenore, whom by far is one of the most pleasurable and warm hearted people I have gotten to know, suggested to me that I think about taking the Coloring Techniques class while I was there and am so glad I did. Each morning I couldn't wait for class to begin! Some mornings I laid awake with ideas swirling around in my mind anxiously waiting to bring them to the classroom. Most days class ran from 9:00 to 7:00 and it seemed like 30 minutes long to me. I was so inspired by Brad Goodell, Bill Hueg, my classmates, all of the staff, and yourselves that when I met up with my husband, Glenn, each night my enthusiasm for what I was experiencing was beaming through the smile on my face. I felt alive again!

Before I came to New Mexico, which for me was my very first time, I was a graphic designer working for a large class company in NJ for 16 years creating beautiful pieces of work, but something was missing. I was busy, yes, but I was just going through the motions. My work was simply that, work, to me it was not much different than a typical 9 to 5 day. Then I experienced Aliento and for me it was life changing. I felt driven, inspired, excited, and creative. I felt an energy that I can't explain, but wish that all people could experience once in their lifetime. I made friendships with amazing people and look forward to coming back. I hope I can be as inspiring to others through what I have experienced by saying,

"Before coming to Aliento, I was locked in an artistic cocoon. I left with the freedom to explore, the freedom to create, and most inspiring the freedom to evolve."

Mary Lu R., New Jersey

Dear Norm and Ruth,

Going to your website is a thrill for me, there are so many ideas out there its endless. I now own all your design books, plus all of your DVD`s . . . Hands on training is the best method for me to learn all the tricks and make each project come alive. I hope by this summer I can make it to your school to learn all I can.

Glenn S., Colorado

Just a note to let you know (I thought you might be interested - don't know if customers give you much feedback on the final product) that the woodland scenes for the two gun cabinet doors went well. I really
appreciated your speed and turnaround on this project. This job grossed $1,000.00 for the work performed

Mike B, Pensylvania

Hi Norm,

I do love the airbrush and the effect is has given to the glass. I need a lot of practice but it does give the pastel transluceny I was hoping for.

Kim P, Indiana


Attn: Norm & Ruth Dobbins

Good Morning!

Since we have had such great success purchasing pre-cut media for our architectural etching from you, we have decided to sell our Allen Datagraph 848 plotter/cutter

Stuart M, California

Dear Norm & Ruth,

. . . This will be my first paying job. The contractor said there would be more jobs but using more art in the jobs. If that is really so it would be great—I am hoping to take the architectural class in April.

I have gone through a bit of the stencils I ordered and I really love them. I am scheduled for a show on November 4th . . . Carving into the fused glass is going very well. I see improvement—my husband sees it too.

I would like to express that Debbie and Damian were both fantastic to deal with regarding all those stencils. All of your employees are very special.

Thank you so very much.

Melissa M, Californnia

Hi Damian & Debbie,

Just a note to say, "thank you" for all your help in getting the stencils to me. Here is a picture of one of 3 sailboat awards that I went through so much anxiety for. The awards measure 13" tall with an 8" base. The picture doesn't really do them justice. They're really beautiful. I'm glad they turned out fine. I will deliver them tomorrow morning to the client right on time. YAY!!!!!!!!

Carmen D, Texas

What a wonderful training & learning experience this was! Great facility, great staff, lots of good advice & support. Will definitely be back. Thanks for the hospitality!

Your Canadian Friend,
Marj P, British Columbia

Dear Etchmaster,
I would like to say a word of thanks to Ruth & Norm as well as their staff members.

My husband and I have taken 2 classes with Ruth & Norm this past winter. The classes were much more than I anticipated as far as the wealth of knowledge they shared in the class and the techniques we learned there has given us quite an edge in our business. I can not say enough about them as teachers. That alone is reason to say "THANK YOU", but the real reason I am witting this today is because . . .

I had a customer here today who needed a rush order. I was quite confident that I could do the sand etching they needed in the short time period so I accepted the job. Unfortunately my husband who usually fills the pressure pot for me and works out the clogs, etc. (as I have a bad back and it is hard for me to do) was out of the office. I had someone help me fill the pressure pot but once filled I had several other problems. I could not reach my husband via cell phone and I already had spent a 1/2 hour trying to resolve the problem so I decided to call EtchMaster. Debbie took my call and let me know Norm was in a class and she would get the message to him. I asked if he took a break if he could call me back, which he did about a 1/2 hour later. I was fortunate enough to discover there was a clog and had resolved it before he could call, but I must say this company's care and response is rarely found in today's time. There have been several other occasions that my husband has called for help and as always they are there to support us. Thank you again.

Mike & Suzanne H, NY

Dear Ruth, Norm and Staff,
Just a note to say hi and to tell you what a hit my etched tiles and stones were at the Home and Garden Show. I sold my panda that I had framed in the black bamboo and (had) a great interest in the terra cotta tiles for future projects . . . Of course the fish scene, the jelly fish and the howling wolf in the lighted basses were quite the eye catchers to everyone . . . everyone said it was the best display I ever had and was the best of the show!

Thank you for such a great class (How to Etch Stone), the hospitality was great as usual and I look forward to seeing you all again.

Sharon P, California

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have read your website info on Glass Etching. I am very impressed on how you share your knowledge on the process of glass etching . . .

Helio D, Manila, Phillippines

(long question about painting on glass)

PS: My Mom, Evelyn, purchased all of your tapes and has allowed us to view them. They are incredible? We also purchased your book on glass etching and it is beautiful.

Marty K, Washington

Thank you. A check will go in the mail today! I know it is a small sale, but I am just a start up and will indeed get busier!

It is nice to know that there is a company out there that is just as nice to small organizations. Your responses have been appreciated Thank you!

Deborah R, Massachusetts

Dear Etchmaster,
Wonderful, inspiring website!

Jan S, Florida



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